This gently exfoliating 4 oz. Bastille soap is inspired by the eponymous pastoral opera by composer George Frideric Handel in 1736. Atalanta, a legendary Greek mythological female athlete and Princess of Arcadia, while disguised as a huntress, defeats a wild boar and wins the heart of a king disguised as a simple shepard. This soap is scented with rosemary, eucalyptus, tea tree, and lemon essential oils with lemongrass as a gentle abrasive.


  • Color: light

    Hard: 62%

    Cleansing: 44%

    Conditioning: 33%

    Bubbly: 44%

    Creamy: 18%

    Scent: herbal/fresh

  • Water, olive oil pomace, coconut oil, palm seed kernel oil, sodium hydroxide, nettle, moringa leaf, lavender essential oil.