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This 4 oz mango butter and avocado oil soap is inspired by the pastoral opera Dafne is the earliest known work that could be considered (by modern standards) an opera. It was first performed at the Palazzo Corsi during Carnival of 1598. It is a story based on the Greek myth about a nymph who becomes that object of infatuation for the god Apollo, who pursues her against her wishes. Before she is captured by Apollo, she invokes her river god father for help and is turned into a laurel tree. It is scented with orange, rosemary, and cedarwood essential oil and topped with dried lemongrass.


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  • Color: yellow

    Hard: 51%

    Cleansing: 27%

    Conditioning: 43%

    Bubbly: 27%

    Creamy: 25%

    Scent: citrus/woody

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